Woman doctor lashes out at Union Minister KJ Alphons after delay of flights

The video of a woman losing her cool at Union Minister of State for Tourism Alphons Kannanthanam at the Imphal airport has gone viral on Wednesday due to the delay of flights.

Nirala Singh, a final-year medical student studying in Imphal, was flying to her hometown Patna for her brother’s funeral. Her flight was allegedly delayed by two hours because it clashed with the arrival of the President Ram Nath Kovind . It was then that she spotted Kannanthanam and lashed out for her flight getting delayed because of his arrival at Imphal airport.

“Apart from the prime minister and the president, there is no protocol for any minister. The woman had to talk to someone; it is fine with me that she vented her anger on me,” Kannanthanam said.

Following the incident, the airport director said, “Yesterday, no scheduled flight was diverted or cancelled. But three scheduled flights were delayed by around two hours due to the president of India’s flight movement.”

President Ram Nath Kovind was scheduled to reach the Manipur capital to inaugurate the Northeast Development Summit, which was expected to see the participation of several Union ministers, too.