Karni Sena threatens Deepika Padukone

After physically assaulting Padmavati director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Mahipal Singh Makrana leader of the Karni Sena has threatened the film’s heroine, Deepika Padukone. Makrana has invoked the nose chopping of ‘Surpanakha’ in the epic Ramayana and said if the Bollywood film “Padmavati” if the movie was not banned “We never raise our hands on women, but if we are provoked, we will do to her what Lord Ram’s brother Lakshman did to Surpanakha,” Makrana said in Kota, indicating to the episode in Ramayan when Lakshman chopped off the nose of demon king Ravan’s sister.

These comments from the Sena group has come after recent interview with Deepika, in which she said that no one can stop Padmavati’s release.

“It’s appalling, it’s absolutely appalling. What have we gotten ourselves into? And where have we reached as a nation? We have regressed,” she said.  “The only people we are answerable to is the censor board, and I know and I believe that nothing can stop the release of this film,” said Deepika, adding that the film industry’s support symbolises how “this is not about ‘Padmavati’… We’re fighting a much bigger battle”.

“The Mumbai Police have increased actor Deepika Padukone’s security after the outfit issued the nose chopping threat. The police will also provide security at the actress’s residence as well as office in Mumbai. They have already provided protection to filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali after the Rajput community outfit protested outside his office in suburban Juhu last Saturday while accusing him of distorting historical facts in the history drama.