SIT may name actor Dileep as prime accused in the case

Reports show that actor Dileep is likely to be named as accused number one in the actress attack case. After the submission of the charge sheet,  Dileep who is accused number 11 at present will be made accused number one. The investigation team is of the opinion that there is no difference between the person who executed the attack and the one who plotted it. The team has obtained legal advises that the conspiracy charges are equivalent to taking part in the attack.

They also said that the attack took place under Dileep’s supervision. Pulsar Suni aka Sunil Kumar will become accused number two. There are more undisclosed details about the case with the investigation team. Some of it were submitted at the court in sealed cover.

The mobile used for the crime has not been recovered yet. The police will inform the court that the search for the phone will continue.The phone which was used to record the crime, however, still remains a mystery with an advocate who was arrested in the case claiming to have destroyed it.

Dileep was arrested on July 10th, 2017 after the investigating officials of the Malayalam actress assault case found irrefutable case against the actor. The police officials questioned Dileep for more than 10 hours of July 8th, 2017 and proceeded with the arrest after finding evidences. Dileep was granted bail by the Kerala high Court after being denied for four times.