Over 6,500 women sets the record for the world’s largest Thiruvathira.


More than 6,500 women from 21 different states danced their way to the Guinness book of world records by performing ‘Thiruvathirakkali’, Kerala’s popular dance form, in Kizhakkambalam. . The 16-minute performance, held on 2nd May 2017, has been declared the largest Thiruvathira ever held with a total of 6,582 girls and women in the age group of 10-75 participating in it. Along with 2,500 women and children from Kerala, women from 20 other states too took part in the event. The participants created new history in the Guinness book of World Records at Kitex Apparel Park grounds. The record attempt was organized by Twenty20 Kizhakkambalam, in association with Chavara Cultural Centre and the Parvanendu School of Thiruvathira.

The dancers, wearing white and gold-bordered Kerala ‘Mundu’ and ‘Neriyathu’ (a traditional Kerala attire), moved in a circular pattern on a rhythmic clapping to the tune of traditional songs outskirts of Kochi here. A group of women were initially trained under Malathy G Menon, founder of Parvanendu School of Thiruvathira. They were in turn delegated to lead smaller groups to train nearly 7,000 women. “Thiruvathira being a traditional art form has deep roots in creating synergies among communities irrespective of caste, creed and culture,” said Fr. Roby Kannanchira, director of Chavara Cultural centre.

“The record for the world’s largest Thiruvathira belongs to Twenty20 Kizhakkambalam,” said Rishi Nath, adjudicator of Guinness World Records, while handing over the certificate to Sabu Jacob, president and chief coordinator of Twenty20, which rules Kizhakkambalam panchayat. Iringalakkuda in Thrissur had in 2015 recorded Thiruvathira with 5,211 dancers.