The battle begins- Mohanlal fans vs KRK



Kamaal R Khan (KRK) is a classic case of how anybody can turn into a celebrity with just a foul mouth and a twitter account. KRK made the biggest mistake of his life when he thought he could get away after mocking Kerala’s most talented actor, the three-time National Award winner, Mohanlal.

Apparently, Kamaal has no clue that who he is messing with, and he is also unaware that Malayalis have earlier trolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi (for comparing Kerala to Somalia), the United States President Donald Trump (for criticizing Cuban leader Fidel Castro) and Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova (for not being familiar with Sachin Tendulkar). So, for such devoted fans, tackling a KRK is child’s play.

Now, after KRK’s twitter outburst against Mohanlal, the Mallu Cyber Soldiers are in action. The tech geeks’ group has warned KRK to delete his tweets or face consequences.

Now, Mohanlal fans will push KRK to a level where either he’ll have to make a public apology or shut his social media accounts.