Kochi Girls responses to Gatta Gusti with full power


Gatta Gusti has comeback to settle scores in the muddy wrestling rings of Mattancherry with young girls joining amateur wrestling classes inspired by the hit movie Dangal.

The movie was released in December last year and was well appreciated and liked throughout the country. Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ changed the life of the young girls here in Kochi as they have started showing interest and  seeing it has an empowerment of Kerala, where the girls are willing to do something like Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat.

 The 29 girls who have enrolled the harsh training establishment at Sree Gujarati Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School in Mattancherry state.  There is no such parental pressure and they have come on their own will and passion — the kind of obsession that youngsters are drawn into when movies take over popular imagination. Gatta Gusti can be really tough for beginners and you need get accustomed to the bruises, sprains and bone-crushing throw downs and it is a fact that many beginners drop out after a couple of weeks.

TA Farish, the physical education teacher at the school, says that they used to literally plead with the students to join for Gatta Gusti training. “Only a few used to come forward, but now everybody wants to train for Gatta Gusti as they got inspired by the movie,” the teacher says.

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