Mohanlal – The Super Cool Father


The super cool father Mohanlal strongly believes that childrens should take decisions on their own and lets his kids do the same. The Complete Actor revealed a secret about his son Pranav in a latest interview. Pranav disbelieves in the concept of spirituality and hardly goes to the temples.

Mohanlal decribes himself as an extremely spiritual person, while Pranav is extremely opposite. Pranav is not interested in prayer or temple visits. When someone asks Pranav to pray, he will ask them for a explanation about the benefits of praying.

The reason behind this is that Mohanlal grew up in a spiritual atmosphere, where the temple visits and bhajans were a part of the daily routine. But Pranav spent his childhood in an international residential school, which had the students from 23 different countries and the school life laid the base foundation of his beliefs.

‘Pranav Mohanlal’ is all set to make his debut in the lead role in the upcoming movie directed by Jeethu Joseph.

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